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Apexx Auctions is a prominent auction company specializing in online auctions and offering a comprehensive range of services, including business liquidation, estate sales, bankruptcies, and benefit auctions. Established in 2021, the company was founded by a dedicated and entrepreneurial-minded family, consisting of a daughter and her parents, who shared a passion for the auction industry.

Led by a vision to provide exceptional auction experiences in the digital realm, Apexx Auctions has swiftly become a trusted name in the industry. With their innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has successfully adapted to the evolving landscape of online auctions, offering convenience and accessibility to both buyers and sellers.


About Us

At Apexx Auctions, their expertise lies in handling various types of auctions, including business liquidations, estate sales, bankruptcy auctions, and benefit auctions. With a strong emphasis on embracing technological advancements, Apexx Auctions has positioned itself as a leader in online auctions. By harnessing the power of digital platforms and incorporating user-friendly interfaces, they provide clients with convenient and accessible auction experiences.


This approach not only expands their reach but also allows bidders from around the world to participate in their auctions.

Apexx Auctions' success stems from their unwavering dedication to integrity, transparency, and exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable team of professionals ensures that every auction is conducted with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. They strive to create a positive and trustworthy environment for buyers and sellers alike, fostering long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

As Apexx Auctions continues to grow and evolve, they remain committed to delivering outstanding results and setting new standards in the auction industry. Their expertise, combined with a genuine passion for what they do, positions them as a go-to choice for business liquidation, estate sales, bankruptcies, and benefit auctions.


Riley is a dynamic individual who graduated from Colorado Mesa University in 2019, earning degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. With a passion for exploring various fields, Riley's diverse interests and talents have shaped a well-rounded and interesting personality. In her free time, Riley enjoys immersing herself in the culinary arts, showcasing her talent in the kitchen through cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Riley has developed an interest in smoking and preserving meat, exploring different flavors and techniques to create delicious dishes. She also has a fascination with the art of fermentation, enjoying the complexities and unique flavors that result from the process.


Her love for nature and greenery led her to discover the joy of gardening, nurturing plants and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. She enjoys incorporating the things she grows into her love of food and health. Engaging in physical activities is a vital aspect of Riley's lifestyle, and she actively participates in various sports, relishing the opportunity to challenge herself and stay fit. In addition, Riley enjoys the camaraderie and strategy of board and card games, engaging in friendly competition with friends and family.

When it comes to relaxation and entertainment, Riley finds solace in the realm of video games, diving into virtual worlds and embarking on thrilling adventures. Additionally, Riley finds great joy in exploring the world of movies and TV shows, always eager to discover captivating stories and fascinating characters. Alongside her affinity for cinematic experiences, Riley has a soft spot for cats and animals, cherishing their companionship and dedicating time to animal welfare initiatives.

With her multi-faceted interests, Riley is constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and learning. Their passion for auctions, coupled with their diverse hobbies and interests, positions her as a versatile and creative individual ready to make a positive impact in various areas of the auction field.



Donette is a talented woman with a passion for creativity and an eye for beauty. Having obtained a degree in Floral Arranging, she possesses an exceptional skill set in creating and organizing. Gardening is not only a hobby for Donette but a true form of self-expression. With a green thumb and a love for nurturing plants, she finds solace and joy in cultivating vibrant gardens that bring life and color to her surroundings.

In the kitchen, Donette's culinary talents shine as she explores the world of flavors and ingredients. Whether experimenting with new recipes or perfecting timeless classics, she embraces cooking as a form of artistic expression that delights the senses.

In her downtime, Donette often finds solace in knitting and doing puzzles. She appreciates the meditative and calming qualities of these hobbies, and they fuel her analytical mind and provide a welcome respite from daily stresses.

Donette's love for movies is undeniable, as she finds delight in immersing herself in compelling stories and cinematic experiences. Whether it's an engaging drama, a captivating documentary, or a heartwarming comedy, she appreciates the power of storytelling and the ability of movies to evoke emotions.

When it comes to sports, Donette has a particular interest in college sports. She enjoys following the competitive spirit and the sense of community that college athletics brings, eagerly cheering on her favorite teams and celebrating their victories.

Taking care of her physical and mental well-being is important to Donette, and she finds solace in walking. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through a park or an invigorating hike in nature, walking allows her to connect with the world around her while keeping her body active.

With her diverse set of skills and interests, Donette is a versatile and creative individual who brings a unique perspective to everything she does. Her love for floral arranging, gardening, cooking, knitting, puzzles, movies, college sports, and walking have helped shape her into the dynamic person she is today.


Eric is a seasoned professional who embarked on a unique career path after graduating from the Reppert School of Auctioneering in August of 1985. Armed with a specialized skill set, he has become a master in the art of auctioneering, employing his charismatic voice and quick wit to engage audiences and facilitate successful auctions.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Eric has cultivated a collection of diverse hobbies that reflect his adventurous and creative spirit. One of his favorite pastimes is golfing, where he embraces the challenge and precision of the sport while enjoying the serenity of the golf course.

Another passion of Eric's lies in the realm of smoking meat. He revels in the art of slow-cooking and infusing flavors into various cuts of meat, experimenting with different wood chips and seasonings to create mouthwatering dishes that are enjoyed by friends and family.

Camping and motorcycle riding are also favorite pastimes of Eric's, as he loves the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with both activities. Whether he is exploring new trails on his motorcycle or pitching a tent in the great outdoors, Eric finds joy in the thrill of new experiences.


In addition to his outdoor pursuits, Eric has developed a knack for woodworking. His craftsmanship shines through as he meticulously carves and shapes pieces of wood, creating unique and beautiful items that showcase his creativity and attention to detail.

College sports hold a special place in Eric's heart, as he enjoys the excitement and camaraderie that accompany these competitive events. He follows his favorite teams closely and actively supports them.

Music has been a constant companion in Eric's life, and he has a deep appreciation for various genres. Whether attending concerts, playing instruments, or simply listening to his favorite songs, music serves as a source of inspiration and joy.

Moreover, Eric possesses a talent for singing and often finds himself showcasing his vocal abilities in various settings. Whether it's belting out tunes at karaoke nights or performing in local choirs, his melodic voice brings joy to those around him.

With his wide array of skills, interests, and experiences, Eric is a multi-faceted individual who finds fulfillment in both his professional and personal pursuits. His passion for auctioneering, coupled with his love for golfing, smoking meat, camping, motorcycles, woodworking, college sports, music, and singing, paints a vivid picture of a dynamic and versatile individual ready to embrace new adventures and creative endeavors.

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